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Homosassa | Florida

A few years ago, we discovered scalloping. A family friendly activity we now partake in every summer!

We became camper owners a few years ago and have really enjoyed exploring that part of Florida “Camp Newell-style”. We usually spend about 5 or 6 weekends on the river “hunting” those little critters. It’s fairly easy if you get up early and follow the parade of boats through the river and out to the ocean.  After a morning of scalloping, we drop off the scallops to be cleaned and head to the springs. I elect to stay on the boat, while the kids embrace the 72 degree water. The crowds are insane mid summer. There are a few other things to do in Homosassa, but not many. It’s truly a relaxing adventure and should be planned as such. Be sure to check out Monkey Island after you put the boat in. Located outside of McCrae’s, it’s a tiny island where monkeys live! The story behind it is pretty neat!

“It’s truly a relaxing adventure and should be planned as such.”

Where to launch the boat: McCrae’s (prepare for long lines unless you put in super early or late)

What to eat: My best advice is to cook at camp. I haven’t had much luck with local restaurants. I enjoy going to The Freezer, but the hubby doesn’t like it. A couple chain restaurants in Crystal River, but I’m not a fan. Crackers in Crystal River is decent if you like a nice view, but the food is so-so. Grab some fish dip from Shelly’s Seafood Market. You can pull your boat right up to her small house on your way out to scallop or way back in to the spring. That stuff is amazing!

Where to stay: Carefree RV Resort (you can rent campers here too, if you don’t have your own)

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